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Monday, 27 September 2010

Bold Souls re style event

Bold Souls Pop up re style event!

Will you attend? Yes!

Er, what exactly is it?

So I know it is a styling and sales event with local independent designers. Les Garcons de Glasgow photographer, Rainbow Room International hair stylists and professional make up artists – check.

Run by Silvia Pellegrino and James Rennie of my new favourite fashion house, Chou Chou Couture?

I am there! I am there with (hot messy fashion) bells on!

I arrive and (naturally) the first rail of clothes I go to is those of Chou Chou Couture.

James talks me through the pieces, whilst Silvia enthusiastically invites me to try something on! It is wonderful to go to a sale event and not have a product pushed at you to purchase. As I was drooling over (not literally folks) the lace crop vest I was interrupted by a model who wanted to change what he was wearing.

Perhaps I should have mentioned that there were models wearing different pieces from the different designers who would be styled in a new look every so often. I dedicate most of my jealousy towards them; most adults will fondly recall playing ‘dressing up’ in their childhood – this was a thrilling adult version!

Each free space accommodated a local independent clothes or jewellery designer. I took time to chat with them all; each one exuding enthusiasm and motivation in discussing their pieces and business.

Kitsch inspired jewels by Glasgow based designer Sally Reid. A mixture of genuine vintage charms and modern trinkets combine to make Florence Box Jewellerys' collection of retro accessories. The designer will be hosting jewellery tea party nights with champagne rather than tea to add a fizz to the event!

Designer and seamstress Jennie Loof amazed with her customised shoes and hair pieces, as well as dresses (and fabulously friendly personality!). Check out the pics and more on her website:

Need I say anymore about these unique one of a kind dresses from MeeMee Couture, except that you are a guaranteed hot mess at any event you let these individual custom made pieces take you to! Boutique is soon to be opened in Kilwinning so keep an eye on the website for more details:

Here is a snapshot of other pieces which helped make my Saturday afternoon:

Bold Souls came, they promised re invention, style and unique ..

They delivered!

With their next event in November and rumors of pop up re styling events being held monthly, I am keeping my Saturdays free and my internet on fire checking out all of these hot mess independent designers!

Thanks to Bold Souls and all involved in the organisation of the event!