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Friday, 16 July 2010

MJ is not dead .. in Fashion

Michael Jackson has repeatedly influenced the world of music, art, fashion

In life and in death

It would seem that the legend was not far from the mind of Ammar Belale when designing his collection of Pakistan Fashion Week WINTER 2010

Continuing his crusade for the androgynous female his collection suggests how us girls can channel our inner MJ through our fashion

Long live MJ and the red leather look!

You've Got Mail

Since I am from Ireland, I would rarely beg for a postcard or any general correspondance in the post from the country (when I can contact everyone and vice versa straight from my iPhone, why would I) ..

Until now!

Six stamps have been released honouring six Irish designers and now I will take a card or a letter or even a stereotypical sheep on the road postcard so I can get one of these!

So you know what to do

Get to Ireland and




Friday, 9 July 2010

Want this fabulousity from UAE ...

I am in a dessert ...

I am thirsty ...

I need something to quench my thirst ...

The only cure is this ...

Brought to you by Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor and Tamara Al Gabbani for House of GlaMO