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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Winter Vamp Bites Again

So his influence for Fall 2010 Givenchy was said to be skiing and scuba, however the dark colours in the collection by Riccardo Tissci, which are predominantly present in the majority of Fall collections were reminiscent not of a bright and cheerful sporting event but rather of a winter bright, yet silent and bare landscape. This impression may be due to the use of black, red and lace. An inevitable association with the employment of black and red in fashion instinctively evokes the vampire. Was he considering the representation of red with blood against the black? Or have I just experienced too much of vampire in common society?

Vampires seem to be present everywhere, whether through fashion, books, music, film, television; an obsession appears to be present. I have sunk my teeth into the books, scrutinized the movies, bought the soundtracks and am cautiously approaching (with stake in hand) the vampire on television.
From the eighteenth century the notion of vampires produced a mass hysteria in Europe and its influence over art and culture developed. This flame has been rekindled today within art and culture and might we perhaps experience another mass hysteria?
Rather than anticipating a mass hysteria of 'what will I wear' now that it's Fall, another type could ensue. This Fall may bring about a mass hysteric dash to the high street to re create the vampire look straight from the catwalks of the fashion capitals.
Time to embrace the pastels and bronze yourself for this season, whilst simultaneously envisaging your inner vamp once the sun sets on summer and the winter begins to bite.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Favourite Balmain Dress

Love this dress from Balmain Fall 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Reason to have a boyfriend ...

You can steal their clothes and channel Hussein Chalayan Fall 2010 look

Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscar 2010 Worst Dresses

Sharlto Copley in ..
.. her dressing gown?
A Midsummer Nights Dream School production costume?
Answers on a postcard!

Vera Farmiga in Marquesa
Although this made me think of elaborate over the top napkins at an 80s Wedding top table

Anika Noni Rose
I look at this dress and think - was the inspiration behind this a seaside themed bathroom mirror? The bodice certainly looks as if it belongs on one! Or perhaps was taken off one to create the dress ..
Well I guess you could say it is sustainable fashion if it is the case!

Oscars 2010 Favourite Dresses

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Roland Mouret (I found it very Matthew Williamson)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture

Demi Moore in Atelier Versace

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bottega seems bulging

Spring and Summer and sunny weather brings fabulous yet tasteful flesh revealing styles. As Winter thaws, so do we - ready to face the outdoors and picking up again that forgotten New Years resolution of hitting the gym. With the prospect of displaying more than hands and heads, exercise is top priority again and comfort eating does not seem as necessary as we can barbeque and enjoy fresh foods again. We love summer time for the light, the warmth, the fresh air, the fashion, the joy, the picnics .. I could go on and on ...

When Winter arrives again (which always seems too soon), it's time to cover up and comfort ourselves with hibernation in cold dark nights for the next few months. Automatically I eat more in Winter time - my body needs it to stay warm! Then comes Christmas with which comes the fabulous feasting! In Winter I still want to keep my style like many others, in comfort and not too tight so I have a little room to eat a little chocolate. A little room I said! If I have too much room in clothing, yes it may be comfortable to wear, but not comfortable on the eye. Bottega Veneta had some loose styles on the catwalk for their Fall 2010 Collection, but their 80s style trouser suits I will stay away from. Unless stick thin avoid avoid avoid! There are pieces which will only compliment the models wearing them on the catwalk and these are an example of them! This is something that high streets should not re create.

I didn't mind so much the rest of the collection though ...

Dsquared² Wet Look

As much as the sharp reds and blacks in the Dsquared Fall 2010 collection were tempting for colour contrasts to stock up with in time for Winter (if this Winter ever escapes us!) - the use of latex dampened potential. Wet look leggings anyone? They have been done, re-invented and re-invented again - do we really have to endure another season of plastic high street alternatives (which is inevitably in production following Fall RTW collections) to what is sent down the catwalk?