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Friday, 27 November 2009

Pam Hogg in Glasgow

Exhibition by fashion designer Pam Hogg comes to SWG3 Gallery in Glasgow's West End

Private view at fundraising dinner December 3

Exhibition open to public December 4 to December 20

* fabulous *

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Be The Next Ford Model

Do you want to be the next top model?

Are you fashion hot and messy enough?

Follow the link above and do all of your fashion hot messes proud!

Burka Barbie

Fashion the Future : Sustainable Fashion

Following the fashion show last week fashion hot mess is continuing the ethical with its style and inspiration.

With this inspiration what better than the Fashion the Future awards held at the Fashion College of London at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion November 25.

The mission of the awards is to challenge the fashion industry concerning its casual attitude towards waste - both the waste of materials natural and manmade.

We are all too aware of economic struggles today and a large proportion of individuals no longer have disposable income. A lack of disposable income goes hand in hand with a lack of disposable fashion pieces. This careful attitude the recession has forced us to construct has created a platform for sustainable fashion to establish and promote itself, whilst inspiring us to be sustainable with our fashion.

Fashion the Future entrants have combined creativity and sustainability to inspire and raise awareness of Sustainable Fashion.

If Anna Wintour can wear a dress more than once, so can we. Whether it is in the same form when first worn or re-created into another stylish piece thanks to the inspiration from the Fashion the Future awards.

The pieces by the entrants certainly inspire fashion hot mess to create, recreate and then recreate into something fabulously different yet using the original material and piece!

Waste not want not.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ethical Fashion Show - It's a Jungle Out There

We were promised a mystical trail through a collection of the most exciting ethical brands ... and the Fashion Show did not fail to deliver!

With inspiration and brands originating in Africa, the Fashion Show created an exotic ambience which was accentuated by the Tribal drumming that took us out of wintery Glasgow and transported up to the continent of inspiration.

Even the models were in the spirit of the African theme generating a jungle atmosphere strutting and striking poses like a beautiul lioness protecting her pack.

With the showcasing of an assortment of styles there was something appealing to individual fashion taste



Photos: Christopher Anderson

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Favourite Belgian Stylist

Fashion Hot Mess is adoring every project from the production house La Fortuna

It takes fashion and combines it with art and performance

Fabulously thinking outside the box and evoking audience to challenge themselves on matters of identity and style with its HOT alluring deconstruction of fashion, art and performance

Monday, 16 November 2009

LV love for winter

Want for Winter and Christmas...

Louis Vuitton cherie ankle boot in suede baby goat leather and velvet


Julia Verhoeven RCA Christmas Card

Fashion collaborator Julia Verhoeven created HOT exclusive Christmas cards at RCA (Royal College of Art)

More info here ...

Fashion hot mess would like festive greetings with one of these exclusive cards!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Shanty Town Style

Check out Sunday Times article on Shanty Town Cinderellas

"For young people in the run-down suburbs of Cape Town, the graduation ball is a real dance of freedom, proof that they are going places in the world. And these prom queens and their kings will save and sacrifice almost anything for their one night of glamour"

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sewing Roots - Ethical Fashion Show

EVENT *Fashion * Hot * Mess * EVENT

Experience a mystical trail through a collection of the most exciting ethical brands. From comfy smart/casuals, to one off tailored dresses.. this clever collaboration has something to offer everyone. The clothing and jewellery will be shown in a candle lit fashion show at 7.30pm. All items will be available to try on and buy throughout the night. PLUS DRINKS, African FOODS, and eletro beats, accompanied with LIVE tribal drumming. ....we'll see you there






19:00 - 23:00

FEATURING Fashion hot mess's favourite FABULOUS beaded jewellery designer Purple Mango & Mzuribeads:

Purple Mango & Mzuribeads Purple Mango is the name of an exclusive new ethical jewellery business. Purple Mango offers a symbolic collection of statement jewellery created from sustainable materials, original designers, and fair trade producers. Mzuribeads is a stunning collection of handmade, recycled paper bead jewellery brought to you by a cooperation of Ugandan jewellers.

As well as the FABULOUS ...

Bibico is a fair trade UK clothing label designed by Nieves Ruiz. A range of very beautiful, simple, and charming garments.

Goodone is a UK clothing design company who produce innovative, quality, one-off clothing, made from hand-picked, locally-sourced, recycled fabrics.

Mia Nisbet is an exciting new designer and the winner of Make Your Mark fashion Award 2008 for ethical fashion design during London Fashion week. She will be exhibiting her latest range of reinvented recycled clothing combined with traditional textiles from Malawi.

Johari is a ethical fashion company offering exquisite hand-crafted clothing and jewellery from locally sourced materials and skills from within Kenya.

Ronis is the label of a self taught up and coming Nigerian clothing designer who moved into Glasgow last year. She hand tailors a stunning variety of Nigerian textiles into funky dresses for her customers around the UK.

Shearer Candles is recognised as a leading innovator in the fashionable and design-conscious world of candles. Handmade in the factory situated opposite Govan metro station, Shearer candles will be giving out sample gifts and displaying a table of their finest Christmas and gift selection of beautiful and scented candles.

What sounds better than this intruiging candle lit Ethical Fashion Show topped off with tribal / electro beats , drinks and a taste of some African cuisine?
Sounds HOT and MESSY (and FAB) sponsored by FASHION!

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to attend - check out all of the links to the brands and see for yourself what fashion hot mess will be experiencing!





19:00 - 23:00

TICKETS £7.50 instore or online
£10 at the door

Friday, 13 November 2009

Makeup Hot Mess

As hot messed and make up by our Brussels fashion hot mess sister <3 for Victoire Magazine

Vogue Does FairyTale

Vogue recreates and interprets the Fairy Tale Hansel and Gretel with Lily Cole, Andrew Garfield and Lady Gaga directed by the FABULOUS Grace Coddington and shot by the equally FABULOUS Annie Leibovitz. See a preview slide show on the link below.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Louboutin Does Barbie

The Girl in the Window

In Ancient Greece prostitutes were independent and influential females in society. These days it would be a rarity to see the words prostitute and influential female within the same sentence. As mentioned in previous blog posts fashionhotmess has lived in Amsterdam in the past and its tolerant culture towards the exhibition of selling sex in its red light district eventually became as normal as seeing the exhibition of clothing in a window display.

For those who have not visited Amsterdam, walking through the red light district for the first time can seem so surreal. The red light district consists of bars, sex shops, museums, coffee shops and the legendary windows. It’s hard not to stare when walking past the windows seeing something so out of the ordinary, women standing dressed provocatively to advertise and hopefully sell sex.

Disgust, respect, sympathy may be some opinions evoked when witnessing this rare sight. Although can we not have positive opinions with this sight for once? For these beautiful women this is work and work is a performance. There are a multitude of occupations that require a performance in order to be a success and this includes those within the fashion world. If you consider performance and exhibition both women who work as models and women who work in the red light window are performing because their job requires them to display to succeed. Whilst the beauty of one of these types of performers is continuously appreciated, the other may be not so much appreciated thanks to the hungry eyes that may never see the beauty and only wander instantly over the provocative attire the woman is displaying in order to earn money from her performance.

The late model Donyale Luna, the first significant black model, shockingly likened her profession to prostitution. Was she the first to contemplate the similarities? Probably not. Am I the last to? Probably not. So whilst prostitution and modelling are careers that are worlds apart, they are also in a way within the same world. Let us not be so quick to criticize a beautiful girl in a window.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Knit to Aid to Need to Knit

FashionHotMess began teaching herself how to knit in Spring with the vision of a FABULOUS thick pink scarf being the first piece created attracting complimentary admiration...

The vision is still there, the scarf however, still nowhere near completion...

Inspiration to finish and keep on knitting has been boosted by the latest campaign by Designers Against Aids whose latest concept is Knitting Against Aids together with gay - lesbian federation of Antwerp and Belgian HIV and STD awareness...

The aim of the project is to promote World Aids Day December 1st 2009...

Start knitting a fabulous scarf which will be be auctioned off along with creations by famous fashion designers and artists in Antwerp to raise funds to the cause in the week before World Aids Day which will be modelled by celebrities...

If the Famous Fashion Messes are doing it ...

So then will FashionHotMess do it and get back to knitting!

Get out your needles and get knitting messes!!! : for more info