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Monday, 31 January 2011

Women's Dresses @ shopalike!

January is over .. time to shop again!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Read This!

If you are going to read one book in 2011 - make it this! I am usually sceptical about celebrity autobiographies, however the pretentiousness and attitude which usually comes with them is a welcome absent in this book.

The supermodel gives an insight into the horrific conditions and experiences of refugees in the Sudan as well as painting a vividly beautiful picture of the landscape of the country pre war.

This is a woman who has grown up witnessing atrocities none of us could begin to even imagine.

It has also reminded me not to be so quick to judge.

Alek Wek - you are a strong glamourous star. You deserve your success!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ages of ..

When does age stop to matter? In the past a common faux pas for relationships was young girls with older boys or older women with younger men; age got in the way and served as a hindrance. Nowadays age is not so much a setback for relationships (within the law naturally); anything goes and even television shows celebrate the societal norm of age not being problematic. Cougar Town anyone?! There was a time when age mattered but now it merely seems to be how we act or wear our age that matters.

Children were once considered adults once they turned 18, but nowadays that doesn’t seem to be so important. In parts of the UK children emerge from a chrysalis of childhood and are legally adults at the age of 16. Even though 16 is the legal age for it; working (part time aside) used to be regarded as solely for adults, well until age blurred this line too. The kids are emerging early out of their chrysalis and spreading their wings over the adulthood line long before we expect them to.

No doubt the debate of the pros and cons of children growing up too soon and being too young to for certain pursuits won’t be going away any time soon.

I had a flash of adult maturity watching Fashion TV when the that girl is far too young to do that thought went through my head. Subsequently I wondered if this ‘mature observation’ was simply inane jealousy.


Especially since the far too young girl was Frida Gustavsson. The model. In Chanel. On a catwalk. In Paris. During fashion week. She is 16. It is outrageous not to be jealous of anyone in Chanel, especially one being paid to wear it in one of the fashion capitals during fashion week. Not outrageous however to band aid that jealousy with a that girl is far too young to be advertising pieces which are aimed at women thought. It seems that age is not a restriction in the fashion world – if their level of maturity is that of an adult, why not treat the person as one?

In some respects, age is only a couple of numbers side by side - it is how we wear age and maturity that really matters.

Age doesn’t matter folks!

And yes, it was jealousy of Frida Gustavsson.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Snaps of my NYE party ..

If only ..