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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Smokin' Hot Fashion

Who said smoking should not be used in advertisements?

Kate Moss certainly makes it look sexy (again) in this Isabel Marant campaign

Fucking the system brought to you by the best

Loving it!

Time for a Marlbro Light ...

Flower Power-Less

Betsey Johnson Spring Summer 2010

As one of those individuals who has self diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a phrase I am not likely to be heard uttering is “hurry up winter!” However I am finding myself gazing at trees with the notion of embracing my inner eight year old and climbing them to howl it from the treetops. The reason being?

Winters chilly arrival heralds the departure (less morbid word than death don’t you think) of most flowers. Fashion gods willing this will also include the departure of floral print.

Whilst I am guilty of possessing floral print clothing (a cute light blazer bought for a recent trip to Dubai), I can’t help but begin to detest it.

Personally I assume the trend was not intended for head to toe including matching shoes and bag to resemble what would happen if Amsterdam’s famous flower market exploded over plain clothing and created one single look. The floral is becoming a high street eyesore which is compelling me to ditch the summer look and pull out my vintage fur cape ready for the autumn.

In addition to floral prints being overdone on the high street, they have also been overdone at the summer music festivals where the flowers have been trampled on as the bleary eyed festival goers stampede from the venue in a partied out haze.

Please save us all from this eye sore and do this with your floral prints.

It’s about time for the autumn.

Capes at the ready!

Prabal Gurung Fall 2010