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Monday, 26 September 2011

The September Issue

For me the month of September welcomes the new. I would think this dates back to all of those Septembers I spent preparing to go back to school. The new academic year brought more than simply new subjects and teachers. It brought something mildly more important than learning. So much more important.

It brought a new school uniform. Shiny black leather (regulation naturally) shoes and a brand new school bag – style: relative to current trends (so basically what the other 179 pupils in my year may have had or may have been getting).

I am still not decided which school bag was my favourite. Either the Smurfs back pack which my white haired blue eyed five year old self enthusiastically wore on both shoulders skipping into my very first day of primary school. Or the lilac satchel from Warehouse (a £10 bargain of the pre recession noughties) which my ‘uber cool’ seventeen year old self wore nonchalantly, later to graffiti with the latest schoolgirl crushes of myself and my girlfriends. The jury is still out.

So it was with my bag, royal blue woollen blazer, (shapeless) knee length skirt and other new items of school uniform that I would have only my best foot forward to kick off the month of September. I had that annual buzz and expectations of what lay ahead in that first month and the year to come. September was always fabulous.

Although my years of academia and back to school buzz have drawn to a close I still possess an excited anticipation at the start of the month thanks to those memories. Out of education and into work; for most people September is just another month. For fashion worshippers September brings a whole lot more than just daydreaming of the next holiday (though blissful); it brings September issues (this year Vogue UK, Paris and Australia are the months reading thanks to travelling relatives!), as well as … ding ding ding!

Fashion weeks!

We gots to love the online live streaming from the major fashion capitals!

Naturally when the first of September blew in this year, it also blew butterflies into my tummy in anticipation of what the month was going to bring.

Okay it’s miserable outside, but that is not killing my hype! Okay the news is a reflection of the weather (miserable), but that is still not killing my hype! That is until the retail news was revealed and it was one headline in particular;

September is the new January

: folk are tightening their belts and slowing down to an almost halt on spending in Septber. More and more shops are being boarded up across the country and company figures are dropping (unless you are Hermes that is ).

Okay, my hype is now killed and the prospect of September is now not so exciting. I mustn’t forget that my daydream version of September is not actually reality and that the world of fashion and retail is suffering just like everyone else. I am incredibly disheartened until I spy something that can still make this month the shiny disco ball of excitement which I crave.

Vogue September issue is still here, as are international fashion weeks and the potential of winter coat shopping. The September reality cloud of misery has a silver lining and the I can still have my annual excitement. September is fabulous again! Just like it was on my first day of school! Fashion is triumphing and making my world a better place!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Paris Highlights Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Andrej Pejic vs. Girl Power

I can't decide if the model du jour Andrej Pejic (the male gracing the female catwalks for those of you who have been living under a rock recently) is boosting girl power or snatching power from the girls by taking over the conventionally female role.

Perhaps with the lines between male and female becoming increasingly blurry it is just power to the people as opposed to girl power or boy power.

It seems that the fashion world is no longer dictating the embodiment of female perfection .. size zero is no longer THE catwalk size. Some models curvy, some not, some with voluptuous breasts, some with little or none. The model of the 'perfect' woman has transformed so much now that men want in and do you know what? If Andrej Pejic is anything to go by, men can do it!

I wonder if women will follow suit and butch up for the male model world. Gender in fashion has now been torn apart and haphazardly stitched back together in a one size fits all.

In the words of the feminist Judith Butler "appearance is an illusion" .. so all we really need worry about is ensuring our appearance is elegantly fashion hot and messy (and fabulous dahling) so that our individual illusion gives girl power, boy power or power to the people.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Separated at Birth?

Tim Gunn and Julien Assange

Friday, 25 February 2011

Exclusive interview: Andrej Pejic

I Meet Dress

Ah shopping, an addiction which is up there with the fabulous things about being a girl!

In 2011 I have (so far) four weddings to attend. This means four different dresses...


And by sigh I mean – a guilt free excuse to shop and spoil myself! Hurrah!

I have passed recent free time scouring the internet for the perfect dress.

Perfect dress number one

Perfect dress number two

Perfect dress number three

Perfect dress number four

Did I mention four weddings? So I need four perfect dresses. (Zero guilt since it’s for other people's benefit really!)

I found myself in a maze turning a corner to face a virtual brick wall when searching through the hundreds and thousands of dresses online to find the perfect one. Nothing...

I was bubbling up to throw a good old female strop when I discovered the (virtual) answer to my fashion prayers!

I need a dress, I meet a dress... I discovered the fabulous website ‘Girl Meets Dress’

Borrow a designer dress? Eh, yes please!

(Why did I even hesitate there!?!)

Tory Burch

So here’s how it works:

Simply peruse the collection of over 100 designer brands and 300 designer dresses (Marc Jacobs, Temperley, Chloe) and add up to 3 of your favourite dresses into your Shopping Bag to try on.

You can keep these beauties for two nights or seven nights (If you’re a hot mess when you party, insurance is a simple £7 - you have nothing to stress about!)

Tata Naka

Schedule a delivery date, and your dress will appear at the doorstep of your choice – home or office. Next-day and even same-day delivery (if you live in London) is available, for last-minute fashion emergency. You can pre-order your dress or bag well ahead of your big night if you wish and we’ll send it to you in advance to try on so you have complete peace of mind and your outfit sorted!

Let them know which one you have chosen so they can refund you the difference and then enjoy wearing it and bask in the compliments and admiring glances you will get being a glamorous designer fashion hot mess!

Once you are done, just pop your dress back into the pre-paid packaging and drop it into your local Post office. No need to dry clean, ‘Girl Meets Dress’ takes care of those irritating chores!

While we’re here I’ll just give you a background to the company – a mini fashion history lesson!

Stella McCartney

Girl Meets Dress was launched by Co-founders Anna Bance and Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise after Anna left her career in Public Relations at Hermes.

The vision to set up Girl Meets Dress came after she was inspired by the constant lending and borrowing of the collections which goes on behind closed doors within the fashion industry - for either fashion shoots or for celebrities to wear to events.

She thought it be wonderful if all women had access to this same service - the option and freedom to borrow any dress they wish for every event throughout the year. The luxury to have an endless closet.

It is a fun concept and women have really responded to it. Hopefully we have answered their prayers by giving them a new way to shop – a fun and affordable way to try new designers and always ensure you look your absolute best without compromise.”

Fashion changes so much and of course there are many key purchases in a woman’s wardrobe – but we all love the idea of wearing a different dress for every event by designers we have always wanted to look amazing in!

Roberto Cavalli

I already have my eye on four fierce dresses to wave the fashion fairy god mother wandfor the the nuptials in 2011!

Girl Meets Dress you have rocked my world and solved my (one of many) fashion dilemma!

Ssssshhhhh - let's keep this our fabulous little secret!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Posh Baby Reading

So Victoria Beckham is pregnant ..

According to celebrity gossip she is doing just about everything in her power to have a girl ..

Taking it all with a pinch of salt, but at least if she has a little girl she can have designer fairy tales read to her by the Beckham clan

Perhaps Sleeping Beauty as re told by Camilla Morton and illustrated by Christian Lacroix

Or ...

Or perhaps "This Little Piggy Went to Prada" - nursery rhymes with a designer twist ..

Designer reading for a designer baby!

Ah the life of the rich and fabulous!

Mopping Up Avril

I know the Brit Awards were a week ago, but I cannot get Avril Lavigne's dress out of my head ...

All I could think when I saw it was

Is this a love (hate) child of the feather duster character from Beauty and The Beast and a conventional mop?!!

Musing over what possessed her to wear this 'dress' ...

Maybe it's easy to clean?

Maybe she's OCD so two birds one stone - nice dress, can clean things whilst wearing it ..

Hmmmm ...

My eyes are still offended though ..

Blow-Up Trailer

Love the Movie and love the poster!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tom Ford Je t'aime

Tom Ford never fails to deliver with his sexy hot mess ad campaigns .. Why is my eye sight not bad enough that I can have glasses! Thank God for lense free ones to suit for now!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Masquerade meets Dior

I love seeing an image and I immediately associate a song with it (and have a mini musical in my head!)

This happened with several of the Dior Spring 2011 Couture - The Phantom of the Opera's Masquerade was my personal soundtrack to it!


GaGa Incubates @ Grammy's

Grammy Awards?

Not if you live the the Haus of Gaga ..

What one persons red carpet moment that makes all of the hard work possible, is another's opportunity for a red carpeted piece of performance art.

Gaga didn't even walk the red carpet (at least her red carpet outfit can't be slated by the fashion police) - she was carried in in an incubator! She was eventually Born (This Way) for her performance.

I love this woman. She is one evolving piece of performance art that makes me proud to be a little monster!

Haus of Gaga's Nicola tweeted from the Awards last nite:

.. Gaga is in incubation. Tonight's performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler ..

Gaga you are personification of FASHION HOT MESS


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Read This!

If you are going to read one book in 2011 - make it this! I am usually sceptical about celebrity autobiographies, however the pretentiousness and attitude which usually comes with them is a welcome absent in this book.

The supermodel gives an insight into the horrific conditions and experiences of refugees in the Sudan as well as painting a vividly beautiful picture of the landscape of the country pre war.

This is a woman who has grown up witnessing atrocities none of us could begin to even imagine.

It has also reminded me not to be so quick to judge.

Alek Wek - you are a strong glamourous star. You deserve your success!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ages of ..

When does age stop to matter? In the past a common faux pas for relationships was young girls with older boys or older women with younger men; age got in the way and served as a hindrance. Nowadays age is not so much a setback for relationships (within the law naturally); anything goes and even television shows celebrate the societal norm of age not being problematic. Cougar Town anyone?! There was a time when age mattered but now it merely seems to be how we act or wear our age that matters.

Children were once considered adults once they turned 18, but nowadays that doesn’t seem to be so important. In parts of the UK children emerge from a chrysalis of childhood and are legally adults at the age of 16. Even though 16 is the legal age for it; working (part time aside) used to be regarded as solely for adults, well until age blurred this line too. The kids are emerging early out of their chrysalis and spreading their wings over the adulthood line long before we expect them to.

No doubt the debate of the pros and cons of children growing up too soon and being too young to for certain pursuits won’t be going away any time soon.

I had a flash of adult maturity watching Fashion TV when the that girl is far too young to do that thought went through my head. Subsequently I wondered if this ‘mature observation’ was simply inane jealousy.


Especially since the far too young girl was Frida Gustavsson. The model. In Chanel. On a catwalk. In Paris. During fashion week. She is 16. It is outrageous not to be jealous of anyone in Chanel, especially one being paid to wear it in one of the fashion capitals during fashion week. Not outrageous however to band aid that jealousy with a that girl is far too young to be advertising pieces which are aimed at women thought. It seems that age is not a restriction in the fashion world – if their level of maturity is that of an adult, why not treat the person as one?

In some respects, age is only a couple of numbers side by side - it is how we wear age and maturity that really matters.

Age doesn’t matter folks!

And yes, it was jealousy of Frida Gustavsson.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Snaps of my NYE party ..

If only ..