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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Bensoni Fall 2010 Collection (falls down with haste)

Not lucky enough to be in New York City this week, never mind attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to witness the premiere of the Fall 2010 collections I had to resign myself to the internet for pictures and reports of the collections and what the inspiration was behind them

Behind the collection of Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon of Bensoni, the inspiration was a grandmother tailoring a wardrobe to fit a contemporary style. The pieces themselves demonstrated a large variety of fabrics and tailoring. However, there was little continuity to the collection and perhaps this was the objective so Bensoni could reach a range of individuals. Whilst the more casual pieces seemed to reveal hours and effort of input, the evening dresses hinted at a sizeable last minute thrown together DIY attempt at elegance. Most notable in the dresses was a white piece with black fringing. What some may wish to call a ‘Monet’ dress; one that looks oh so good from afar, but what is going on when you study it up close?

The fringing automatically brought to mind false eyelashes which had been hastily added on to a LWD (little white dress) to create designers own take on the LWD

Less haste next time Bensoni

See the full collection at

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