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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bottega seems bulging

Spring and Summer and sunny weather brings fabulous yet tasteful flesh revealing styles. As Winter thaws, so do we - ready to face the outdoors and picking up again that forgotten New Years resolution of hitting the gym. With the prospect of displaying more than hands and heads, exercise is top priority again and comfort eating does not seem as necessary as we can barbeque and enjoy fresh foods again. We love summer time for the light, the warmth, the fresh air, the fashion, the joy, the picnics .. I could go on and on ...

When Winter arrives again (which always seems too soon), it's time to cover up and comfort ourselves with hibernation in cold dark nights for the next few months. Automatically I eat more in Winter time - my body needs it to stay warm! Then comes Christmas with which comes the fabulous feasting! In Winter I still want to keep my style like many others, in comfort and not too tight so I have a little room to eat a little chocolate. A little room I said! If I have too much room in clothing, yes it may be comfortable to wear, but not comfortable on the eye. Bottega Veneta had some loose styles on the catwalk for their Fall 2010 Collection, but their 80s style trouser suits I will stay away from. Unless stick thin avoid avoid avoid! There are pieces which will only compliment the models wearing them on the catwalk and these are an example of them! This is something that high streets should not re create.

I didn't mind so much the rest of the collection though ...

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