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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fashion the Future : Sustainable Fashion

Following the fashion show last week fashion hot mess is continuing the ethical with its style and inspiration.

With this inspiration what better than the Fashion the Future awards held at the Fashion College of London at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion November 25.

The mission of the awards is to challenge the fashion industry concerning its casual attitude towards waste - both the waste of materials natural and manmade.

We are all too aware of economic struggles today and a large proportion of individuals no longer have disposable income. A lack of disposable income goes hand in hand with a lack of disposable fashion pieces. This careful attitude the recession has forced us to construct has created a platform for sustainable fashion to establish and promote itself, whilst inspiring us to be sustainable with our fashion.

Fashion the Future entrants have combined creativity and sustainability to inspire and raise awareness of Sustainable Fashion.

If Anna Wintour can wear a dress more than once, so can we. Whether it is in the same form when first worn or re-created into another stylish piece thanks to the inspiration from the Fashion the Future awards.

The pieces by the entrants certainly inspire fashion hot mess to create, recreate and then recreate into something fabulously different yet using the original material and piece!

Waste not want not.

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