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Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Girl in the Window

In Ancient Greece prostitutes were independent and influential females in society. These days it would be a rarity to see the words prostitute and influential female within the same sentence. As mentioned in previous blog posts fashionhotmess has lived in Amsterdam in the past and its tolerant culture towards the exhibition of selling sex in its red light district eventually became as normal as seeing the exhibition of clothing in a window display.

For those who have not visited Amsterdam, walking through the red light district for the first time can seem so surreal. The red light district consists of bars, sex shops, museums, coffee shops and the legendary windows. It’s hard not to stare when walking past the windows seeing something so out of the ordinary, women standing dressed provocatively to advertise and hopefully sell sex.

Disgust, respect, sympathy may be some opinions evoked when witnessing this rare sight. Although can we not have positive opinions with this sight for once? For these beautiful women this is work and work is a performance. There are a multitude of occupations that require a performance in order to be a success and this includes those within the fashion world. If you consider performance and exhibition both women who work as models and women who work in the red light window are performing because their job requires them to display to succeed. Whilst the beauty of one of these types of performers is continuously appreciated, the other may be not so much appreciated thanks to the hungry eyes that may never see the beauty and only wander instantly over the provocative attire the woman is displaying in order to earn money from her performance.

The late model Donyale Luna, the first significant black model, shockingly likened her profession to prostitution. Was she the first to contemplate the similarities? Probably not. Am I the last to? Probably not. So whilst prostitution and modelling are careers that are worlds apart, they are also in a way within the same world. Let us not be so quick to criticize a beautiful girl in a window.

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