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Monday, 19 April 2010

Alice is Everywhere .. It's all in the presentation!

Window Display @ Printemps, Paris

Alice in Wonderland is the major fashionable fairytale du jour. From catwalks to window displays to jewellery, from professional to amateur designers there is no escaping the magical fantasy.

Versace Spring Summer 2010 RTW

At a charity craft fair I came across yet another familiar Alice themed jewellery collection.

The designer not only focused her creativity on her individual pieces each magically tying in perfectly with the enchanting fairytale, but the presentation of her pieces did the same. With the use of playing cards on which to display the jewellery, the pieces remained in Wonderland. It caught the eye and expressed the dedication to her work.

With Alice in Wonderland being in style this summer it is all about how you present and style the theme.

Look to not only the professionals but also the amateurs to magically inspire.

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