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Thursday, 22 April 2010

To Have and To Hold .. My Magazine

I have recently become obsessed with the Tom Ford 2009 sunglasses campaign starring model Carolyn Murphy I know … delayed reaction, right! It has not been a recent discovery; I have been aware of the campaign for months. However, it has suddenly appeared in the window of local opticians – no doubt the season being the grounds for this. I seem be more aware of these Tom Ford campaigns in the windows of local opticians than those featured in the advertisement pages of magazines. I blame this on the occasional disregard for ad campaigns when devouring a much anticipated issue. Carolyn Murphy is one of the most beautiful natural women I have seen used in an advertisement campaign for a long time.

I decided I wanted a copy of this for myself and the easiest way to do this (aside from the going in and fluttering eye lashes at an optician asking for theirs) was to find my own copy within old issues of fashion magazines. I had set myself a mission and became obsessed with not resting until I found a copy for myself.

Eventually my obsessive (and perhaps somewhat compulsive?) mission was a success and I had found what I was looking for. Not bad going!

With time on my hands and finding myself sitting on my floor surrounded by current and old issues of fashion magazines, I then leisurely spent time flicking through the publications (without reading every article or I would still be there!). Some aspects of shoots and fashion I remembered from reading the first time around and for others it was nearly like reading a new (albeit marginally outdated) magazine! A relaxing few hours of old school fashion entertainment, inspiration and me time … in a way I wouldn’t mind doing it again … right now!

There has been an ongoing debate of online versus ‘real’ magazines and the issue of which is better. Sure there are pros and cons for each but my vote undoubtedly lies with real magazines you can hold in your hand. With being able to spend as much time as you like flicking through old publications, tearing out pictures (perfume samples) and articles the real magazine wins hands down, especially in the knowledge that this cannot be replicated with online magazines. Shakri Amirkhanova in Pop Magazine SS 10 joined in the debate and her opinion is an ideal analysis of it;

“… magazines have always been a perfect medium for the synergy of talents and collective vision that influences the ways we think and love – the true barometers of our times, as relevant as history books.”

Well said …

I’m off to surround myself in old magazines again …

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