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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Living in La La Land Launch

I walked in dazed and confused...

Dazed and Confused! They have one of my favourite magazines on a shelf and it’s the first thing that I see!

In the words of the orphan Annie “I think I’m gonna like it here”!

I am at the launch of a new independent fashion boutique in Glasgow’s West End which is coinciding with the launch of issue 6 of The Coveted Magazine. The editor Sarah Graham is also the owner of this new shop.

She is welcoming and took time to speak to everybody who came. A genuine, warm person who is evidently enthusiastic about her new venture. Well, when I say genuine, she is genuine about absolutely everything, except for her attempt to convince me that her father is the Satorialist!

Living in La La Land compliments her vision in The Coveted Mag; which is the support of the Scottish Fashion Industry. She supports upcoming designers as well as students and monthly will be stocking local student collections. The incredible support from a local boutique could be just the stepping stone for students and designers in promoting and establishing themselves and their collections.

The shop stocks magazines from the Fashion World and will be hosting a fashion magazine swap shop on Thursday 21st October. (That explains Dazed and Confused!)

Amongst the stock in the boutique there is clothes, accessories and fashion props. I began considering what I would buy as Christmas gifts, the festive thoughts more than likely encouraged by the cute t shirt with the gold Christmas tree silhouette (to buy for someone to ‘borrow’ off them!). The clothing was mostly quirky tops which could easily be styled to ones individual look – my favourite was a white vest with a unicorn on it. Carried me to my own La La Land!

The jewellery currently stocked is Tatty Devine which has a worldwide following within high fashion to celebrities to everyday fashionista’s – impossible to go wrong with that!

Come to the store and have a look for yourself, soak it all up and let the boutique transport you to your very own La La Land of fashion!

Take some time to talk to Sarah and pick up a copy of the Coveted Mag while you’re there!

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