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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Obscure Couture Flesh & Bone Sneak Peak

On Sunday I had the opportunity to call into the workshop studio space of the new hot Glasgow fashion label Obscure Couture!

The bleary eyed designers who had had merely a few hours sleep in 48 hours in the rush for completion were more than willing to chat about Obscure Couture and their vision for the label.

Jenn and Lyndsay, the designers behind Obscure Couture gave me a sneak peak of their debut collection "Flesh & Bone" in anticipation of their launch show on
October 15 2010 @ The Barras Centre in Glasgow.

I love how trashy tranny urban chic these tasters even are!

The sneak peak oozes hot messiness all in the name of fashion!

Roll on the show and let the hot messes walk!

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