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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Blood Passion Lust Fashion

My sister in law came to stay some time last year and she seemed somewhat distracted. She kept disappearing only to be eventually found lying on her bed reading a new book that she ‘could not put down’ – she had read it on her two hour journey as well but couldn’t hold human contact without her mind wandering and eventually herself to the book and opening it once again. She finished the book over the weekend she was staying and left it with me as a must start now must read. I started the book after she left, not entirely convinced and resigned myself to it being a ‘slow starter’. Fortunately it was and once I was a few chapters in, so my obsession began with the book, the concept, the passion, lust, vampires and Stephanie Meyer. I started with her first book “Twilight” and since beginning can’t put any of them down whether reading them for the first time or third time. The concept of the living dead is a craze that can’t be escaped in culture today; the Twilight series, True Blood and the recent death of Michael Jackson has welcomed a return of Thriller and his Zombie entourage in the music video. The living dead are now glamorised, oozing sex appeal and lust and a fascination with the mysterious and gothic.

Lady Gaga is one such disciple demonstrating the ripple effect vampire and blood and black through her outrageously funk original flamboyant style. If any recent image of her is aroused from memory, her attire for her performance of “Paparazzi” at the VMAs in September stands to mind. She salutes the celebration of this fascination with extreme fashion and even adapts gothic chic with her black lipstick which we have caught sight of on more than one occasion. It’s not only the music world dressing to the tune of vampire gothic style; the fashion world has gotten out of its bed and into its coffin to embrace the ripples of the living dead.

As the Spring 2010 collections were unveiled from New York to Milan some designers showcased with bright colours, a trend we anticipate for the season. On the other hand a risk was taken with a colour we would more regularly associate with winter. Rodarte and Dolce and Gabbana both applied black to their collections suggesting the fashion world’s approval of the new trend with lustful vampire and gothic sex combination. Fashionistas throw your head back and let the fangs of this new trend bite into you and ooze some gothic chic into your own style!

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