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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Vintage Is The New ...

Fashion is a reflection of our culture, so what does our fashion say about our culture – In Glasgow, Brussels, Europe? Our cities play host to many different nationalities and cultures. Is our diverse society a reflection of what we wear and how we wear it? If we take now, we are coming into autumn and fashion hot mess are asking themselves what the autumnal trends are. Fashion hot mess came across this question asked to model Sara Blomqvist (Swedish Model, face of D&G) whose answer was shouting individuality and making a style our own. We could not agree more as our style is based on originality, individuality and standing out in a crowd. Our eclectic style is modelled in more than one way, but the favourite way to stand out with style is through wearing vintage pieces. In vintage stores it’s hard not to channel some fun individuality to add to your hot eclectic style! Everything is one of a kind and isn’t our style just that! Dame Vivienne Westwood we salute that you pronounce it heroic to stand out with fashion!

Glasgow and Brussels both have a range of vintage shops which fashion hot mess have shopped in and loved what both cities have to offer. One difference between both cities and the vintage was the price. Brussels flies the flag for recessionistas and being able to stretch our money further. Well, that was until Glasgow fought back with some competition to fly the recessionista flag too! Vintage Guru the HOTTEST new vintage store in town opened its doors to Glasgow in August and fashion hot mess went to check it out and catch up with the lady behind the magic, Jennifer. Prices we love, clothing we love, accessories we love and the hot staff we love. Vintage Guru has a lot of love to give, so feeling like you need a little bit more love? You can never have enough! Check out Vintage Guru and let it love you!

Love Fashion Hot Mess Glasgow

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