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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

James Clark MUA - backstage Sinclair Models fashion show

I joined James before Tuesday’s Sinclair models fashion show and he was taking full charge of the organisation of the backstage. He had 24 models – twenty female and four male – each to make up and style. He was consistent with the make up look on each of the models which was dictated by the clothes supplied by two fabulous local boutiques – Osiris and Wish. The make up look he created was smoky eyes with a pink rouge lip colour.

It is obvious James is devoted to his career and takes it incredibly

seriously. As a makeup artist he fulfils more than you would expect in his job description and together with fellow make up artist Mera Finlayson, he managed the styling and dressing of all of the models as well as their make up. Once the show began James was on hand backstage to touch up the models and as a result missed the opportunity to see the beautiful models exhibiting fantastic his work.

See the pictures for the fabulous man himself in action!

If you do not already when you are at a fashion show or see a model, take a glittering moment to appreciate the work and effort that is put in

behind the scenes to create this perfect look.


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  1. As always a pleasure to have someone of your calibre there. Your always welcome backstage for a chat anytime.