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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Seasonal Style Icons

When you are asked who your style icon is, could you instantly answer one person? I am aware that some individuals have one and only one style icon that influences and inspires their style. However I am also aware that our style icons today either change regularly or we have more than one.

For fashion conscious open minded women who have icons for style there has been on occasion more than one influencing them. If I think back to the past year and who has influenced style in 2009 there have been multiple contenders. Dependent on the time of year there is a certain type of woman influencing styles.

For instance, during the summer the music world clashed with the fashion world throughout festival season. The UK festival bills were undoubtedly ruled by female artists and pop queens. Lady Gaga along with Lily Allen and La Roux – to name a few - were not only influencing our lives with their music but also with their style. Their unforgettable individual style inspired many through outrageous hair and clothing left to us fashionista’s to individually recreate. The female festival line up simultaneously became a style icon line up.

The arrival of autumn welcomed with open arms the start of fashion weeks across the world’s various fashion capitals. Twitter ceaselessly reported from the shows who was there and what they were wearing, as a result confirming that the world’s eyes were evidently not only on the new collections but who wore what to each of the shows.

Each season and event delivers fashion forward icons to influence our style. Fashion is like a sport which we are devoted to and the designers in a way are akin to the sporting teams. The world of sport and fashion do occasionally cross paths; through a sporting event we are provided with fashion savvy individuals ready to step up to the podium and take the gold medal for their inspirational and inspiring iconic style.

One such sporting event which will undoubtedly reward a gold medal in iconic style is the FIFA World Cup which will be held in South Africa in 2010. Along with the international talented footballers competing for the success of winning the most important trophy in football for their country, comes their families and most importantly their wives and girlfriends.

During the last world cup in Germany in 2006, the wives and girlfriends of the football players were as big a focus in the press as the players themselves. Football fans were treated to pictures and analysis of the games, fashion fans were treated to pictures and analysis of the style of the wives and girlfriends. Two of those who undoubtedly had a significant influence with fashion were Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole. Their glamour and style were inspirational and catapulted them to winning the style icon podium place. Both women continue to inspire, from gracing the front covers of major fashion publications to designing their own clothing range, and are forerunners in influential fashion and maintaining their style icon status.

So South Africa 2012 – who will be the conquer all and become the season’s style icon?

Watch this space.

Continue to be open minded with your style icons.

Continue to be *fashion* hot* messy*

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