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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

James Clark MUA Test Shoot - Delicious / Sinclair Models

Make up artist James Clark trained professionally in Glasgow ten years ago and invited fashion hot mess to a test shoot in Delicious / Sinclair models in central Glasgow and then to a fashion show several days later.

In order to be successful within the industry it is crucial to have as many contacts as possible. Makeup artists gain their clients through networking, demonstrating a passion for their career. A makeup artist may be so talented that people would pay thousands to work with them; however it is essential that they make themselves known and be deserving in gaining their contacts.

First impressions are most important and one of the first things you think meeting James Clark is – he must know how to network. It is evident not only from his enthusiastic personality but from the exhibition of his dedication to his career as a make up artist (MUA). His ability to network has rewarded him with a great deal of success. James’ career has taken him around Europe and although based in Glasgow, he regularly works in London. He is open-minded and appreciates that he is still and always will be learning. This is an important quality for an individual in the industry to possess so they can continue with and build on their own success.

Starting off his make up artist career in the theatre, James' focuses and skills have evolved to areas that include corporate, film and fashion. It was through fashion that James and I met. I observed him at a test shoot with Sinclair Models at Delicious Studios in central Glasgow where he was working with both models and actresses for portfolio and headshot shoots as well as finalising briefs for a fashion show he was contributing to the management of several days later.

Occasionally James will be given a brief or guidance on what makeup is required for the models from a client, however he is experienced enough to use his own judgement and knowledge to ensure the perfect result of his hard work.

His enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring to make up artists, together with individuals in the industry and any person who wants to know what it is like to love the career they has aspired to and succeeded in.

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