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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fashion HOT mess / Fashion NOT mess

Fashion Hot?

♥ Christopher Kane for Topshop need we say anymore

♥ Fashion Creation on the Go Norma Kamali creating her pieces on her Iphone on the move. Hot

♥ Fashion Week Reports Spolit for choice. Thank you Iphone app for our on the go reports!

♥ The Beautiful Life Always room in our lives for a fashion centred bitchy drama!

Fashion Not?

♥ Fashion week envy avoiding twitter so the jealousy of those who get to be there doesn't eat us up!

♥ Tights winter forcing us to ditch the HOT bare leg look, is it Spring yet?

♥ Blending in ditch that, get some originality to go and stand out FASHION HOT MESSES!

Love Fashion Hot Mess Glasgow

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