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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Kids Are Alright?

They are the reason why we have so many problems in society today / their quirky approach is an inspirational reminder that we should still have fun with it.

They’re all anorexic / they can be any shape, their size is their natural build, size depends on who they are wearing.

Women abuse it and binge creating a new unpleasant female in society / we should all be allowed an outlet to relax and escape our demanding lives.

The young, models, drinking habits – recognise any of these opinions? I could bet all the glitter in the world that the opinion more commonly formed and the one you recognise is the negative. Our society is one which generalises and has a tendency to generalise on the negative opinion. Negative generalisation is a plague that a majority our society has caught.

Open a newspaper and it is likely there will be a publication about young people and the ‘problems’ they cause. It would be nice to open a newspaper and see a more positive article. We fashionistas know that young people have a huge influence on the fashion world, and wait for it, a positive influence! The fashion world is laughing in the face of the negative generalising society! Out of a recent survey it was noted that British Teenagers spend the most money on clothes in comparison to their European counterparts. This is comprehensible when we can see young people expressing themselves through their fun, quirky style. Why else would Love magazine have devoted their Autumn / Winter Issue to the young and fun under 21? Why else are young icons inspiring designers from Emma Watson being the face of Burberry to Pixie Geldof taking to the catwalk during London Fashion Week for Jeremy Scott? Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cirus – they are fast becoming inspirations. The young are not only inspiring the designers, but the fashionistas amongst us. The fashion world is drawn to the style blogs of the young who demonstrate an entirely different and original outlook. Taylor Momsen is well and truly still in her teens, but her style is one replicated times over whether it is with her hair or make up or clothes. Fashion hot mess salutes Taylor and all of the young for expanding the sea of where we catch our inspirational vibes.

The kids are proving their fun outlook and why they are a positive at least with style and the more aged are turning their noses at creativity and feeding the plague of negative generalisation of the young. Stylish teens are staring in the face of these negative individuals oozing confidence and inspiration, willing them to do a u turn, think positively and

for once think that the kids really are alright.

Love Fashion Hot Mess Glasgow

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