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Sunday, 13 September 2009

What Recession Say Fashion Punks?

"Today's economic climate..." / "Sales figures down..." / "Job losses..."

Doesn't the rece$$sion depress you?! Some of us have jobs, some of us do not and those of us that have jobs may not be secure in them. What do us fashion addicts do when we're depressed to brighten up a dark day? Retail therapy of course! The one form of fabulous escapism we all have in common. If we have to be more aware of spending during a recession, how do we feed our fashion addiction?

This thought will have been echoed around the fashion world and let me give you a solution to this problem with two words: customise and D.I.Y. The punk look is in and this means safety pins a go-go.

Vena Cava unveiled their Spring 2010 collection in New York 10th September. Safety pins on their pieces added a rebellious edge

Indulge yourself and feed your fashion addiction! Recession doesn't mean we have to come to a slow halt with fashion. Treat yourself to a big box of safety pins (uber cheap) and begin your customising yourself!

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