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Friday, 1 October 2010

Funeral for a Flower

I love flowers. I love seeing people walking along with a bouquet of flowers. It leads me to picture the lives of these people and let my imagination wander. Who are the flowers for? Do they belong to this person? What is the reason for the flowers? Apology? Celebration? Commiseration? There is a serene disposition to these scenes.

As a student when I lived in Amsterdam I would regularly take myself to the famous bloemenmarkt (flower market) for an afternoon of tranquil escapism. The aromas, the bright colours, the local vendors passionate about their trade would remind me of my fondness for flowers.

So there you have it, I like flowers (I’m female, I have to!). In markets, carried by the stranger on the street, but not printed onto clothing.

I have already blogged my negative opinion on floral print therefore I won’t repeat that rant! In the previous blog post I welcomed winter's arrival solely so we wouldn’t be subjected to the sight of the floral print and would be rewarded with the classics of the Fall 2010 styles.

Then comes along D&G’s Spring Summer 2011 collection at Milan Fashion Week – it had some cute pieces but what failed for me was ..

Floral – fail

Maxi – fail

Cuts that will be unflattering on any female unless they fit the size zero measurements

As a recent opinion noted due to this trend, you can eat more at summer barbecues, however good luck getting out of that floral maxi tent and into your bikini after one too many chargrilled burgers!

I did like this flirty gingham and denim look though ..

Not all negative with Fashion Hot Mess and D&G!

For the love!

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