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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Getting my freak on to thank Giles Deacon!

As I have already commented in previous posts the next 300 odd days will include several weddings to attend.

To start with is one of my best friends getting married on the second last day of 2010. Miss organisation over here got my shop on at the beginning of Autumn and came across a fierce yet elegant deep red velvet dress which I snapped up pronto.

How delighted was I then when I saw Giles Deacons Spring 2011 collection for Emanuel Ungaro; one of the dresses in particular ^^^ with an amazingly similar cut and shape to the dress I had purchased!

Early trend alert!

Do you take the style for this winter wedding looking fashion forward to Spring?

I do.

Thanks Deacon for helping me get my fashion freak on ♥ !

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