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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Obscure Couture takes fashion east

Oxford dictionary definitions:

Obscure: adjective (obscurer, obscurest)

Not clearly expressed or easily understood.

Hard to make out or define; vague.

Couture: noun

The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

Fashionable made-to-measure clothes.

Ultimately what the Oxford dictionary is defining for me is that if a fashion label is called Obscure Couture... it is:

not easily understood fashionable made to measure clothes.

Initially when I considered this I thought Oxford dictionary do not be so harsh! However, following that split second (plus several extra) I recognized that this in fact makes perfect sense.

Obscure Couture advocates individuality with their bespoke pieces in a war against the high street faceless fashion. Faceless fashion is for those who don’t have to think about what they are wearing and ‘style’ seems easy to these lemmings who are drawn to recreate what they see on mannequins in the high street stores. Obscure Couture is for those who have a belief in uniquely instinctive, confident fashion and who are not afraid to be that bit different (in a fashion hot mess manner of course!).

The label’s debut collection brought this fearless individual fashion east, to the Barras in Glasgow last weekend.

They had presented a glimpse into their Flesh & Bone collection with pictures in their press release (see previous blog post), but this was nothing compared to the sexy, detailed texture, layered, unique punk fashion that was bestowed upon Glasgow with their show.

Obscure Couture pledge that they “subvert the classic Victorian silhouette and harness punk’s stark harshness to create a brash clash of sex and beauty [sic].”

The pictures speak for this pledge and by and large rebelliously speak for themselves!

If any of the garments have (of course they have!) tickled your punkish senses, you can order one for yourself:

Go on, join in the campaign against faceless fashion and join the welcoming (and moving into) of the house of obscurity!

PHOTOS: Jamina Davidson

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